Race for the Galaxy Visual Spoiler

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Race for the Galaxy designed by Tom Lehmann, published by Rio Grande Games.
• Site by entranced; report errors at serge_levert@hotmail.com.
• Based on a file found on BGG Down, written by Sappington.
• Layout design based on http://dominion.diehrstraits.com/, by Basilisk.
• Base & TGS images scanned by red turtle.
• RvI & BoW images scanned by ackmondual.
• AA images scanned by draco18s; others sourced from W Eric Martin.
• Custom expansion images provided by Voxen, scwont and Matt Kearse.
• Other image credits: Joeyeti, riledguy, oskari, dourdou, aragos, taiwanite, Xodan, Rokkr, and rootdarkarchon.
• Original list of BGG image IDs provided by the majestic moose and Joeyeti.
• Special thanks to roxon for his Colour Coded Card Reference, the precursor to this site.